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The stand allows carrying out the repeated tests of the airbag. The airbag is filled with the use of an air compressor controlled from the panel. The belt tightener has a rotator which allows observing the tightener operation from various planes. There is a schematic diagram depicting the location of the basic security elements in the central part of the panel. The security system operating mode is indicated by LEDs. The stand implies the security system operation with different types of shock – frontal, diagonal, lateral. The security system operation can be observed in accordance with a special algorithm by means of the LEDs. A system of fault introduction allows studying the security system operation when the following faults occur:

  • Shock sensor open circuit.
  • Driver airbag fault.
  • Passenger airbag fault.
  • Shock sensor short circuit.


Experiments provided

  • Study of the structure and the operating principles of the driver airbag.
  • Study of the structure and the operating principles of the seat belt tightener.
  • Study of the airbag system operation in frontal, diagonal and lateral shock.



Power supply ~220 50Hz (single-phase 220V 50Hz)
Power consumption, Watt 1200 W
Stand overall dimensions:

  • Width, mm 450
  • Height, mm 1470
  • Length, mm 1400

Weight, kg 50 kg



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60 days
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