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On the frame structure of the stand, made in the form of a one-sided basis with a table, there are two hydraulic panels and an electrical measurement and control panel. On the panel of electrical measurements and control there’s a hydraulic circuit diagram. The stand has a rigid configuration that does not require any assembly work before conducting a lesson. The structure of the stand includes a hydraulic station.

A three-phase electric motor, a gear pump, a pressure hydraulic valve, a filter, two electromagnetically controlled distributors, a two-line flow control valve, a hydraulic accumulator, mounting plates, connecting fittings and pipelines are installed on the stand.

The provision of sufficiently high pressures and fluid flow rates during tests makes the processes of study illustrative, which contributes to the student’s understanding of the material. The stand provides the ability to change over a wide range of fluid flow.

Information and measuring system of the stand allows you to determine the pressure, flow rate, temperature of the working fluid, time. There are 8 pressure gauges installed on the stand (one of them is electrocontact), an integrating-type high-speed flow meter, an electronic stopwatch, a thermometer with a bimetallic sensor.

For some experiments, the obtained experimental characteristics are compared with the results of calculations, which allows us to estimate the errors in the calculations.

A set of methodological and technical documentation for teaching staff is supplied with the stand.


Experiments provided

  • Pressure and flow measurement, testing of liquid flow mode.
  • Plotting pressure and piezometric pipe line.
  • Calculating coefficients of local hydraulic resistance (coefficient of permeability).
  • Calculating hydraulic friction ratio (Darcy ratio).
  • The study of non-stationary processes of liquid outflow through hydro throttle.
  • Calculating the dependency of hydro throttle discharge ratio on operating fluid temperature.



Technical specifications:

Power supply 3~380/220 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption, kW 2
Electric magnets power voltage, V +24
Working fluid Mineral oil
Rated pressure, kPa 1,6
Overall dimensions

  • width, mm 810
  • height, mm 1620
  • depth, mm 580
  • Weight, kg 170



Voltage availability
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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