Edquip joins WorldDidac Association

Calendar Nov 09, 2023
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Edquip is proud to announce that we are joining the Worlddidac Association, the leading trade association for the educational resources industry.

We are looking forward to many new collaborations, inspiring and improving educational outcomes!

The membership profile can be found here.


About WorldDidac

The WorldDidac Association was formed in 1953 by various member companies who understood the value of collaboration to move education forward.

The association has through the years organized educational shows, trade missions, forums, and conferences in different countries worldwide.   

Today the mission of the association is to: Connect organizations, companies, and experts to encourage dialogue, partnership, and initiatives to advance educational development and promote innovation.

The WorldDidac association currently focuses on the following areas:

  • Worlddidac and its members stand for integrity in business and quality in education
  • Worlddidac connects relevant entities together so that synergies can be exploited
  • Worlddidac works with affiliates from individual countries and regions, to ensure knowledge exchange globally
  • Worlddidac engages with Policy Makers to identify, address and resolve gaps in education
  • Worlddidac engages with teachers and educators to innovate and improve solutions
  • Worlddidac organizes and supports conferences / events where education and its improvement is of central importance


About Edquip

Edquip is a marketplace for technical training equipment, helping customers educate themselves before making purchase decisions, while helping equipment manufacturers reach a wider audience and manage their reputation.

We focus on technical training equipment for TVET, CTE, Vocational & Engineering Education.


  • SEARCH: quickly search and find products for your specific field from various different producers worldwide
  • COMPARE: easily get a good comparable overview of how different products compare to each other
  • REQUEST: anonymously request quotations directly from producers, our RFP format makes their bids comparable
  • REVIEW: read or write reviews and ratings of both producers and their training systems Curious about exploring training equipment in your field?


  • INCREASE REACH: get your products in front of a worldwide audience of decision makers, make more business
  • DECREASE COSTS: we fit alongside your current distribution without conflicts of interest, at low cost and risk
  • MANAGE REPUTATION: register company, list products, get customers feedback, keep control of narrative.

 For any questions regarding the membership or any of the organizations, do not hesitate to reach out through the contact form below.



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