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The training laboratory system is designed to conduct practical and laboratory experiments on the studying of the electric car construction in secondary vocational and higher educational institutions.

Structurally, the training system consists of:

Nissan Leaf electric car;

Faults input module.

There’re functional sections of different body elements (roof, doors, bonnet), high-voltage battery, which in complex allow to study:

  1. Electric vehicle traction elements (front and rear suspension);
  2. High-voltage battery composition (placement of power modules inside the battery);
  3. Underhood elements (arrangement of harnesses and elements of electrical equipment, electric motor, air conditioning system, braking system, battery charge control unit);
  4. Arrangement of window lifter, electric locks, door wiring.

Fault input module is a separate unit.

There’s the following equipment inside:

  • power supply unit;
  • PC link board (USB-bus);
  • relay controller;
  • lightning controller.

On the front panel you can find: wiring schematics, automatic circuit breaker, fuses, diagnostic and USB sockets, fault indicators.

There’re 20 types of faults to be set via the software supplied with the training system.


The training system is supplied with:

a set of methodical and technical documentation for teaching staff;



Experiments provided

  • Studying of Nissan Leaf electric car system.
  • Faults input and diagnostics in the electric equipment system.



Technical specifications:

Power supply ~50 Hz 220 V (single-phase 220 V, 50 Hz)
Power consumption, kW,  max 1
Overall dimensions, max

  • length, mm 1455
  • width, mm 1025
  • height, mm 600

Weight, kg, max 1600



Voltage availability
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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