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Diesel Engine

The training laboratory system is used for laboratory works on the full range of disciplines, studying diesel engines of internal combustion.

Structurally, the training system consists of:

  • diesel engine with loading device;
  • fuel delivery and tracking rack;
  • control and data analysis system. 

The diesel engine is a single-cylinder 4-stroke engine with starter and air cooling device. The output shaft is connected with electric generator,

The generator includes RPM sensor. The engine and the loading device are located on the steel frame. The frame is mounded on a 120 kg vibration damping frame. Loading unit is compound of a set of low impedance resistors with air fan.

Control and data analysis system includes: engine controllers, sensors, electrical wire diagram.

The following sensors are included:

  • intake manifold discharge sensor;
  • exhaust gas pressure sensor;
  • lubricating oil temperature sensor;
  • exhaust gas temperature sensor;
  • fresh charge temperature sensor;
  • mass air flow sensor in the intake system;
  • non-contact temperature gauge of engine parts (pyrometer);
  • mass flow meter;
  • crankshaft speed sensor;
  • engine torque sensor.


Power supply ~50 Hz 220 V (single-phase 220 V 50 Hz)
Power consumption, kW, max 1
Overall dimensions, max

  • width, mm 1600
  • height, mm 1000
  • depth, mm 800

Weight, kg, max 230



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60 days
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