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Gasoline Engine

The laboratory stand NTC-15.40 “Multi Point Injection engine control system (MPI)” is designed for using as educational equipment for laboratory and practical courses in the following subjects: motor vehicle construction, motor vehicle technical exploitation. 

The stand provides the possibility of direct electrical measurements in the circuits of investigated systems, including malfunctions and their further diagnosis, adjustment of parameters with usage of any known diagnostic equipment for investigated systems of car engines. 

The stand provides clearness during the investigation of operation of injection engine control system. Also it can be used for diagnosis and determination of operating characteristics of injection engine control system elements. 

Fault introduction unit allows the user to introduce the following malfunctions:

  • crankshaft position sensor (CPS) interruption;
  • throttle position sensor (TPS) interruption;
  • oxygen concentration sensor (lambda probe) interruption and short circuit to frame;
  • radiator fan interruption;
  • idling regulator (IR) winding interruption;
  • coolant temperature sensor (CTS) interruption;
  • air mass flow rate sensor (AMFRS) interruption;
  • gasoline pump relay interruption.

Structurally the training system consists of a metal frame with the following equipment installed: internal combustion engine, a fuel tank with a fuel pump and filter, an aluminum frame with a working panel.

In the upper parts of the front panel there are sensors (speed, crankshaft positions, throttle positions, air mass flow, oxygen concentration, coolant temperature), actuators (adsorber, idle speed regulator, radiator fan, fuel pump, main relay, ignition module , fuel injectors) ignition switch, rear crankshaft speed sensor and diagnostic engine electronic control system, fault input unit. Near the images of the sensors there are test points to take the signals from the sensors, and regulators that allow to change these signals. Near the images of actuators there are also test points for these devices.

Sensors and regulating Ora, allow you to change these signals. Checkpoints and status of these devices.

In the lower part of the front panel there is a fuel rail with nozzles and a fuel pressure regulator, an injected fuel flow meter with the ability to measure fuel consumption individually for each nozzle, a cycle counter, which allows you to turn off the fuel supply through a specified number of engine cycles.

As a working fluid of the injection system, instead of gasoline, coolant for automotive cooling systems is used, which is supplied from a tank with an electric fuel pump through a fine filter in a BOSCH fuel rail with solenoid nozzles and a fuel pressure regulator.

It’s possible to diagnose the operating parameters and faults using SCANMATIC diagnostic scanner and its analog devices.

The training system is supplied with:

  • a set of methodological and technical documentation for teaching staff;
  • software.



Technical specifications:

Power supply 220V, 50Hz
Power consumption, Watt less than 350
Stand overall dimensions:

  • Width, mm 840
  • Height, mm 1555
  • Depth, mm 640

Weight, kg less than 85



Voltage availability
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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