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The laboratory stand NTC-12.03.B “Pneumatics” constructively consists of “Basis-stand” (the stand) and a set of training elements mounted on a patch panel. The stand is designed for carrying out laboratory works for training specialists in automation of manufacturing processes, building automatic control systems, pneumatic automation maintenance systems. Basic elements and operating characteristics of devices are studied.

Constructively the stand consists of a body with the frontal panel, the patch panel and the integrated tabletop mounted on the body.

Some electrical equipment is installed inside the body:

  • power source 24V;
  • electronic measuring devices.
  • The following equipment is placed on the frontal panel:
  • power switch and power indicator;
  • programmable logic controller;
  • controlling buttons and switches;
  • switching jacks for assembling electric circuits;
  • measuring devices;
  • patch panel.

The patch panel provides the possibility of quick assembly of the required circuit, simplicity and clarity during operation.

An external power source of compressed air (compressor) is connected to the stand. The stand is completed with a set of training elements (interchangeable devices) for assembling the different pneumatic circuits. The devices are mounted on the special brackets. The pneumatic circuits are assembled on the patch panel of the stand.

The training system is supplied with a set of methodical and technical documentation for academic staff.


Experiments provided:

  • Determination of local resistance coefficient and air distribution valve flow coefficient.
  • Investigation of pneumatic systems with one single- or double-acting pneumatic cylinder.
  • Investigation of characteristics of a double-acting pneumatic cylinder with variable load on the rod.
  • Investigation of operating characteristics of air distribution valves.
  • Implementation of logical operations of pneumatic drive control on high pressure elements.
  • Investigation of pneumatic drive with pneumatic time delay of input control signal.
  • Investigation of electro-pneumatic circuits with storing pneumatic drive control signals on the basis of double-acting pneumatic cylinders.
  • Design of electro-pneumatic circuits for pneumatic drive control on the basis of double-acting pneumatic cylinders.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Mitsubishi Electric ALPHA-2 programming with use of programming environment AL-PCS/WIN-EU on a PC. Storing programs in PLC memory.
  • Design of control algorithm and software for the system of cylinder rod cyclic movement control with use of distribution valve 5/3.
  • Design of control algorithm and software for the system of two cylinders’ rods cyclic movement control with use of distribution valves 5/3 and 5/2, and end position sensors.



Technical specifications:


Power supply ~50Hz, 220V
Power consumption, kW 1
Stand overall dimensions

  • Width, mm 1470
  • Height, mm 610
  • Depth, mm 600

Weight, kg 120


Scope of delivery:


  • Laboratory stand: 1 pc.
  • Compressor: 1 pc.
  • Cabinet for storage of training elements and interchangeable parts: 1 pc.
  • Set №1 of training elements: 1 set.
  • Set of connecting pipes 6х4mm and fittings: 1 set.
  • Cord for PLC programming: 1 pc.
  • Set of connecting jumpers and wires: 1 set.
  • Set of tools: 1 set.
  • Mounting kit: 1 set.
  • Polymeric pneumatic tubing: 50 meters.
  • Passport: 1 pc.
  • CD-R with documentation: 1 set.

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