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Solar Thermal

The laboratory training system is designed to be used as a teaching facility for practical laboratory tests in universities and specialized schools.

The training system consists of:

  • laboratory unit mounted on a platform;
  • solar collector mounted on a platform;
  • storage water heated mounted on a platform.

The solar collector devices are mounted on the laboratory unit. The elements of the system are fixed on an aluminium profile frame (mobile mounting platform).

The following equipment is installed on the mobile platform:

  • pumping unit;
  • pipeline accessories;
  • expansion tank;
  • water meters;
  • pulse flow meters;
  • temperature-sensing points (Pt500).

The panels of: thermal energy flow meters (heat meters), thermometers with remote sensors, solar energy unit digital controller are mounted at the front of the frame.

The measuring system includes digital thermometers with 4 remote sensors, digital and analog flow meters and water meters (4), 2 heat meters, 4 mounted water temperature-sensing points (Pt500), 3 multifunction meters of electric power parameters.

The laboratory system is completely ready for operation, it’s possible to connect external heating devices and additional modules.

The laboratory system set includes the following software and methodological support: a set of methodological and technical documentation for teaching staff.

Experiments provided

  • The study of the solar power unit;
  • Solar collectors. General characteristics;
  • Mounting and working with the equipment;
  • The study of the solar collector operation;
  • Solar power unit controller.


Recommended additional equipment


NTC-20.82.1 “Supplement to solar power unit. Lighthead”


Power supply: ~50Hz 220V

Power consumption, Watt: 2,5kW

Bench overall dimensions:

                Width, mm         1600

                Height, mm        1850

                Depth, mm         800

Collector overall dimensions:

                Width, mm         600

                Height, mm        1600

                Depth, mm         800

Heater overall dimensions:

                Width, mm         1200

                Height, mm        2250

                Depth, mm         800

Weight, kg: 150


Scope of delivery

1.            Training laboratory system: 1 pc.

2.            Multifunction meters of electric power parameters: 3 pc.

3.            Passport: 1 pc.

4.            CD with supplemental documentation: 1 pc.

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