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The laboratory stand is designed for studying of the vehicle air conditioning and climate control systems functioning and learning practical skills in service works and filling the system with cooling agent.

Structurally, the stand consists of three parts:

  • control stand;
  • air conditioning system;
  • climate chamber.

At the stand, the existing car climate control unit is mounted used in VAZ-2110 vehicle, which includes:

  • air conditioner circuit consisting of a radiator with a receiver, a compressor, an evaporator with a thermostatic valve;
  • heating circuit in the tank with a heater, circulation pump, heater radiator;
  • heater unit with fan, air flow mixer, recirculation valve;
  • climate control AC unit with air flow regulator, sensor and cabin air temperature regulator.

The climate system is filled with working agents (freon, antifreeze) and operates on a climate chamber isolated from the environment to study the dynamics of thermal processes.

The stand measurement system allows measuring the pressure in the low and high pressure branches of the air conditioner circuit, the air temperature in the climate chamber, the air entering the heater, the air passed through the evaporator, and the air passed through the heater radiator.

The training system is supplied with a set of methodical and technical documentation for teaching staff.


Experiments provided

  • Study of the climate system’s schematic diagram.
  • Study of operating characteristic of air conditioner.
  • Study of air recirculation system.
  • Study of heater fan construction.
  • Study of principle of operation of heater valve.
  • Study of operation of air conditioner in the climate control system.



Power supply: 3~380V/220V, 50Hz
Power consumption, Watt 1000
Stand overall dimensions:

  • Width, mm 650
  • Height, mm 1460
  • Depth, mm 600

Weight, kg 105



Voltage availability
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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