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Wind Energy

The training laboratory system is designed to study different types of wind turbines and their operating modes in higher and secondary educational institutions.

Structurally, the training system consists of:

  • testing facility;
  • control and measurement unit.

The control unit consists of a housing with the following equipment installed: power source, electronic boards, load resistors, front panel and tabletop of integrated desktop.

On the front panel there’s an electric scheme of the wind turbine, load connection and measurement devices.

The following equipment is also located on the front panel:

  • power switch;
  • functional switches;
  • load lights unit (2 lamps);
  • digital indicators;
  • power cord for testing facility connection.

The testing facility is a movable frame with the following equipment installed on it:

  • centrifugal blower;
  • air channel (aerodynamic tunnel) for creating and routing air flow from the blower;
  • rack with synchronous generator mounted;
  • inverter for blower speed regulation;
  • electrical commutation unit.

The air stream from the blower passes through the air case to the impeller of the wind turbine, thus rotates it. The impeller is changeable, the kit includes at least 4 types of impellers. Impeller blades type 1…3 are adjustable by slope angle. Maximum air flow speed at the blades is 20 m/s. Maximum generator power is 5 W. The commutation of the electrical schemes at the panel is performed using unified jumpers.

The laboratory system set includes software and methodical guidelines.


Experiments provided:

  • Studying the laboratory bench;
  • Determination of air stream speed and blower rotation speed;
  • Studying wind turbine speed properties depending on impeller type and blade slope angle;
  • Wind turbine power dependence on wind speed.
  • Wind turbine performance at a constant wind speed.
  • Synchronous generator performance.

Technical Specifications:

Power supply 3~50Hz 380V 3P+PE+N

Power consumption, kW 2

Bench overall dimensions:

  • Width, mm 1900
  • Height, mm 1500
  • Depth, mm 800

Control unit overall dimensions:

  • Width, mm 1470
  • Height, mm 670
  • Depth, mm 610
  • Weight, kg 200


Scope of delivery:

  • Laboratory training system: 1 pc.
  • Changeable impellers: 1 set
  • Anemometer: 1 pc.
  • Connective jumpers: 1 set.
  • Passport: 1 pc.
  • CD with supplemental documentation: 1 pc.



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