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Diesel Engine

The training laboratory system is designed to carry out practical and laboratory classed on studying the construction of actual new generation tractor engines, it’s operating principle and operating modes, and to form the initial skills on technical maintenance and engine diagnostics. It is used for such educational courses as “Design and operation of automobiles and tractors”, “Maintenance of road-building machines and equipment”, “Technical exploitation of road-building machines and equipment”.

Structurally the training system consists of experimental unit and a control unit.

The experimental unit a floor steel frame construction with safety grids with the following equipment installed:

  • autotractor diesel engine with Common Rail system and rigging, which allows to exploit this engine in all operating modes without load (input, cooling, exhaust systems and electrical equipment).
  • fuel tank with fuel gauge and fuel lines; 
  • accumulator battery;

The control unit Consists of a housing and a front panel with the following equipment installed:

  • instrument panel with starter switch (ignition switch);
  • engine control panel with information display, allowing to measure temperature, pressure, rotation speed and fuel flow rate;
  • diagnostic socket;
  • fault input unit;
  • manual fuel supply sensor handle;
  • sockets for sensors and signals investigation;
  • sockets for connection of diesel engine electrical equipment.

On the stacking there’s a throttle pedal installed.

The training system is supplied with a set of methodical and technical documentation for teaching staff.


Experiments provided

  • Study of the D245 diesel engine design peculiarities.
  • Study of the Common Rail engine supply system design;
  • Study of the engine electrical equipment design;
  • Study of the engine cooling system design;
  • Study the engine lubrication system;
  • Study the engine functional processes;
  • Diagnostics of the engine technical state;
  • Technical maintenance, adjustment and the engine repair.



Technical specifications:


Experimental unit overall dimensions, max:

  • width, mm 1900
  • height, mm 1700
  • depth, mm 1150

Control unit overall dimensions, max: 

  • width, mm 600
  • height, mm 1450
  • depth, mm 700

Engine technical specifications:
Diesel type 4-stroke turbocharged with charged air cooling
Combustion principle direct fuel injection
Number of cylinders 4
Total displacement, l, max. 4,75
Rated power, kW/ h.p. 81/110,2
Max. torque, Nm 464
Specific fuel consumption, g/(kW.h), max 225
Weight, kg, lmax 750


Injection system –  Common Rail II generation, accumulator type with electronic control and max. injection pressure up to 160 MPa
SCR technology — Selective Catalytic Reduction system.



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