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Solar PV Wind Energy

The main target of a hybrid power system is to combine multiple sources to deliver non-intermittent electric power, trying to take advantage of multiple available renewable energies.


Complete with connecting cables, experiment manual and software for data acquisition and processing.




Solar energy:

  • Measurement of solar irradiation
  • Measurement of the voltage of the photovoltaic panel at no-load
  • Measurement of the short circuit current of the photovoltaic module
  • Graph of current – voltage of the photovoltaic panel
  • Measurement of voltage and current of the panel in overload
  • Regulation and charge of the battery
  • DC solar plant
  • AC installation

Wind energy:

  • Activating the braking action
  • Regulating and charging the battery
  • DC wind installation
  • AC installation: standby function investigation

Hybrid system:


  • Low voltage parallel connected, AC separated
  • Low voltage separated, AC parallel connected
  • Low voltage and AC parallel connected

The trainers are composed of: • Two solar photovoltaic panels (85W, 12V) mounted on a support with wheels and complete with graduated scale on one side for adjustment of the inclination and calibrated cell in the upper part for measuring the solar irradiance and temperature. • Motor/generator group for the simulation of a wind turbine. Composed of a brushless motor coupled to 24V AC 3ph generator, motor controller module, anemometer for real wind detection • Wind turbine electronic regulator for battery charging • Two 2400 W DC/AC converter module (2400 W each), with sinusoidal output to generate an electrical network (mains). With a circuit breaker to switch on and off the inverter. It operates as master or slave. Complete with control panel. Integrated MPPT solar charge controller, two 12V batteries. It permits Public Grid connection to charge the battery or act as a backup if local energy is not available. • 24Vdc load module with two 20W halogen lamps, with an On/Off control switch. • 24Vdc load module with two 3W LED lamps, with an On/Off control switch. • Mains voltage load module with a 35W halogen lamp and a 3W LED lamp. Each lamp incorporates an On/Off control independent switch. • Variable logarithmic rheostat module, 80Ω, 6A max., to load the photovoltaic panel in order to detect the voltage-current characteristic curves. • Instruments module for measuring solar parameters. It displays: voltage-current-power, solar irradiance, temperature of the solar panel. • Instruments module for measuring wind parameters. It displays: voltage-current-power, wind speed, shaft speed, wind direction. • Two sun simulator for solar photovoltaic panel internal use. The intensity of the light can be controlled by the operator locally through a potentiometer and remotely through a DC 0-10 V signal or ModBus command. • Frame for the modules.

Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
90 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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