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Solar PV

Modular didactic system for the study of a photovoltaic power system and the operation of a three-phase solar inverter connected to the power grid.

Monitoring and control of the trainer via software.




  • Introduction to solar photovoltaic energy.
  • Introduction to three-phase PV systems:
  • Main components description
  • Solar Plant installation.
  • Connection to the power grid. 
  • Three-phase inverter operation:
  • Measuring generated power.
  • MPP (Maximum Power Point) tracking.
  • Grid-tied efficiency.
  • Grid operation:
  • Inverter response to voltage variation.
  • Grid fault simulation.

  • PV panel arrays emulator for powering the three-phase inverter:
    • Vdc min 200V.
    • Power 600W
    • Short circuit current 10 A
  • Solar three-phase inverter:
    • MPP tracking
    • Vdc input voltage 200 ÷ 800V.
    • Power: 1000VA
  • Three-phase power circuit breaker with normally closed auxiliary contact.
  • Three-phase network monitoring device.
  • Bipolar magneto-thermic switch.
  • Three-phase residual Current Circuit Breaker.
  • Variable resistive load.
  • Variable three-phase transformer to simulate different grid conditions.
  • Fixed three-phase power distribution module for connection to the mains.
  • Data acquisition module to observe the voltage and current waveforms of the 3 phases simultaneously with isolated inputs.


Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
90 days
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