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Wind Energy

Modular trainer for the theoretical and practical study of the electric energy generation from a micro-grid wind turbine. With the Wind Energy Advanced Trainer it is possible to perform experiments to determine the characteristics of a wind generator, study its off-grid operation with a battery charge regulator and its on-grid operation with the connection to the mains network.



  • Study of wind turbine:
  • Identification of wind turbine components.
  • Operating the Wind Turbine Breaker.
  • Calculating wind power.
  • Measuring Wind turbine electrical power.
  • Study of wind turbine with load.


Study of off-grid wind system:

  • Dimensioning of an off-grid wind system.
  • Battery regulating and charging.
  • Supplying DC load with wind power stored in a battery.
  • Supplying AC load with wind power and a battery.
  • Calculating the system autonomy with different loads.


Study of on-grid wind system:

  • Measuring the electricity produced by the wind generator, delivered/taken from the mains grid, and the loading of AC lamps.
  • Calculating the efficiency of the complete on-grid wind energy system.
  • Investigating the response of a wind system to a mains failure.
  • Energy balance.


Waveform studies with optional DL 9026N module:


  • Determining the waveform of the wind generator output voltage and current.
  • Determining the waveform of the off-grid inverter's output voltage and current.
  • Determining the waveform of the on-grid inverter's output voltage and current.


  • Three phase rectifier bridge module.
  • DC load module. It includes a 20W dichroic lamp and 3W LED lamps, with independent switches.
  • A load management module with three independent single-phase outputs for the dynamic study of different load types.
  • Network monitor module used to measure electrical parameters in a single phase circuit.
  • A circuit breaker module.
  • Fixed single phase power source rated at mains voltage with auxiliary 12 Vdc fixed regulated voltage output to power measurement modules.
  • 100Ah battery with battery protection module.
  • Motor/generator group for the simulation of a wind turbine. Includes a brushless motor and three-phase permanent magnet generator of aprox. 400w.
  • Control module for brushless motor.
  • Off-grid inverter module, with pure sine wave output at mains voltage.
  • Wind turbine charge controller with brake system.
  • Active DC load used in the renewable energies laboratories configurable as constant resistance or constant current.
  • Multifunction measurement module for wind applications: It includes four separate instruments to measure all fundamental parameters for the study of a wind-system.
  • A grid-tie inverter, with output at mains voltage.
  • Three level frame.

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220-240V, 100-127V
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90 days
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