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Wind Energy

This trainer allows the students to study the functions and operations of a modern wind power plant simulating the effects of the wind force and their effects on the plant.

This system operates through a brushless machine and the simulation software and the double-feed asynchronous machine allows a practical and effective approach to this trainer.

The trainer has a modular structure that will grant teachers and students extreme flexibility during the study of the related topics and the performance of the experiments.

An interactive multimedia software is also available to allow performing the experiments set-up as well as the visualization and management of the collected data through PC.

The control unit of this trainer allows controlling and operating a speed-variable double-feed asynchronous generator. Thanks to this control unit it is possible to simulate and investigate the operating principles of this topic.

This control unit allows approaching and theoretically in depth analyzing the following topics:

  • Operation of the double-feed asynchronous generator;
  • Integrated power switch for switching the generator on line;
  • Reactive and active power, frequency and voltage control;
  • Mains synchronization.

This trainer is complete with the relevant software that can control and set the several operations of the system; with this software it is possible to adjust the wind speed and profile and to examine the effects on the operating functions of a real wind power plant. Another important feature of this software is related to the possibility to control, parameterize and visualize the obtained data.

In particular, with this software it is possible to perform the following activities:

  • Measurement, calculation and graphic representation of many mechanical and electrical operating parameters.
  • Selection of the set-point values for reactive and active power.
  • Definition and simulation of wind power and profiles.
  • Interactive experiments set-up.
  • Values and graphs can be stored.
  • Experiments instructions can be viewed directly from the software.
  • Possibility to print documents for easy hardcopy printing of experiments instructions with solutions.

With this wind power plant trainer it is possible to perform the following experiments:

  • Study of functions and operations of a modern wind power plant.
  • Relationships between a pitch control system and the wind.
  • Analysis of the mechanical parameters within an induction generator.
  • Analysis of the electrical parameters within an induction generator.
  • Starting method of a wind system
  • DFIG – doubly fed induction generator.

With the optional modules it is possible to perform also:


  • Experiments on the Fault Ride Through

The DL WPP is composed by the following modules:

  • Brushless controller with motor
  • Braking resistance
  • Slip ring three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Base for electric machines
  • Three phase supply unit
  • Three‐phase power meter
  • Back to back inverter
  • Power circuit breaker
  • Hub for Modbus communication
  • Wind simulator
  • Kit of connecting leads
  • Three-level frame
  • All-in-one personal computer
  • 60x90 workbench
  • 120x90 workbench
  • Three-phase isolation transformer
  • Software SCADA


Options modules for the fault ride through:

  • Line model
  • Multifunction three‐phase overvoltage/undervoltage relay
  • Resistive load
  • Power circuit breaker



Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
90 days
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