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Solar PV

General description:

These Didactic Trainers provide students with theoretical-practical learning, fundamental concepts and experimentation on the use of renewable or alternative energies, aimed at photovoltaic solar generation. Promote and disseminate the use of these clean energies in order to help and collaborate with ecology and caring for the environment.
It includes the assembly of circuits with the different protection elements, storage devices and electrical energy consumption for various applications.
The equipment has the latest technology components and materials, of real use in the industry and current innovations.
The practical work includes the wiring and experimentation of assembly circuits, in order to understand the generation of electrical energy through solar panels.
It allows all the necessary steps of a photovoltaic installation to be carried out, taking into account the current regulations, protections and safety standards, in order to guarantee teachers and students an operation without any type of risk.


The equipment of the SOL line can be used for the training and qualification of teachers, students of technical schools, vocational training centers, tertiary technical institutes, who wish to experiment and acquire practice in the area of photovoltaic solar energy. The solar panels develop the direct transformation of light energy from the sun into electrical energy by means of photovoltaic cells. Its use is intended for exclusively educational use, not anticipating the generation of electrical power for production or feeding of consumer loads, beyond those provided for experimental use and measurement in the equipment. The trainers allow the teacher the great ease of transmitting this knowledge and a dynamic fluidity in the learning towards the students.

Equipment Features:

The equipment in all its structure and operation is aimed at a specifically didactic and pedagogical criterion that facilitates the understanding and comprehension of the student.
It includes a safety mechanism for the student, using a key that the teacher will have in such a way that it energizes the Trainer once the circuit is armed.

Study Program:

- Solar radiation
-  Components in a solar installation
-  Photovoltaic solar panels
-  Solar charge controller
-  Solar battery
-  Power inverter
-  Measurement of voltages and electrical currents
-  Power curves in a photovoltaic system. Symbologies and schemes
-  Measurements of the consumption generated.
-  Protection devices. Fuses Thermo magnetic and differential switches.
-  Assembly and experimentation of different circuits for the application of photovoltaic solar   energy.

The enthusiasm of the teacher facilitates his task of teaching

The Practical Works and experiences that are included in all our didactic trainer are arranged in increasing complexity. The first practices are basic and elementary. The intention in this first instance is for the teacher to acquire confidence and security in the equipment. We also aspire for the teacher to get involved with enthusiasm, joy and commitment in their teaching task. With these previous premises, you will be able to transmit and exchange experiences with your students in a more fluid way.
In all these years, it is the teachers who use our equipment who show us this positive change that occurs in the recreation of their activities and the enthusiasm that accompanies them during classes.

Carrying out practical work and experiences

The objective of carrying out the practical work is for the student to make direct contact with the components and mechanisms that in the future in their work environment they must know how to handle and operate.
It is this way of facilitating the student's job placement in a highly demanding market, in terms of the need for knowledge based on the application of practices and problem solving.
The teacher can follow the sequence of practical tasks programmed and print them for the students from the CD included in the equipment.
On the other hand, due to the modular and connection characteristics of the equipment, the teacher can creatively recreate the design of their own practices and experiences.
It also represents a valuable tool for the theoretical and practical evaluation of students.

Documentation included in the equipment:

Equipment functions and operation manual
Theoretical contents manual
Guide to Practical Works, to be done in class
Permanent Professional Advice




- 3 Photovoltaic solar panels
- 1 220 Vac power and security module, coded lock for teacher access.
- 1 Thermomagnetic protection module and digital voltmeter and ammeter instruments.
- 1 electronic load regulator module
- 1 Electronic inverter module 12 Vdc to 220 Vac
- 1 Battery module
- 1 Protection and safety module 12 Vdc
- 1 Light electrical consumption module 12 Vdc
- 1 Light electrical consumption module 220 Vac
- 1 rheostat module
- 1 resistor module
- 1 Moveable trolley for panels with adjustable orientation in angles
- 1 12 Vdc low discharge solar type battery.
- 1 Module holder structure for 20 simple modules
- 1 Set of cables for connection

Practical Work:

Some of the practical work that can be developed are:

-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Electrical measurements
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Measurements, orientation and inclination
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Cell calculation
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - I-V characteristic curve tracing
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Calculation of the maximum power generated
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panel - Performance calculation
-  Different Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Voltage and current calculation
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Grouping and calculations
-  Photovoltaic Solar Panels - Grouping and connection
-  Battery - Charging process
-  Battery - Low charge or disconnected state
-  Charge controller - Functions
-  Charge controller - PC connection
-  Current inverter - Connection
-  Inverter - 220Vac consumption comparison
-  Inverter - Consumption values 220Vac in 12Vdc

Technical specifications:

Electrical characteristics of each photovoltaic solar panel:

Nominal Power (PN)                45.0 W
Voltage at PN                          15.88 V
Current at PN                           2.84 A
Open circuit voltage                 18.75 V
Short circuit current                   3.01 A

Each panel has a 15 meter long sintenax cable with an industrial plug to connect to the Teaching Trainer.        Measurement instruments associated with the equipment: allows the measurement of all the electrical variables indicated in the practical work.

Experimental terminals system: To protect the devices and components of the Trainer, the Teaching Modules have quick connection terminals, with protection, robust construction and excellent termination.

Module holder structure:
Reinforced iron with high resistance baked epoxy paint. Movable with wheels and brakes. Mobile countertop and drawer. Slotted aluminum profiles for mounting and positioning of the modules.

Trainer measurements: Height 1.90 m. Length 1.25 m. Width 0.70 m.

Total measurements of the moveable solar panel trolley

With panels in vertical position:
Height: 1.50m x Length: 0.87m x Width: 0.60m

With panels in horizontal position (rest):
Height: 1.05m x Length: 0.87m x Width: 1.05m

Important: It does not require additional supplies for its future operation

Note: The theoretical and practical contents of this line of didactic equipment are for informational purposes and may be modified or updated without prior notice.



Voltage availability
220-240V, 100-127V
Production lead time
45 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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