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Solar Thermal

General description:


It provides teachers and students with knowledge and basic experimentation on the use of renewable or alternative energy, aimed at heating liquids due to the effects of solar radiation.
Promote and disseminate the use of these clean energies in order to help and collaborate with ecology and caring for the environment.
Area of application

The didactic equipment is oriented to the capture and concentration of solar radiation in order to achieve the heating of liquids and their thermal regulation.
It develops the direct transformation of solar rays into heat energy.
Its use is intended exclusively for educational use, not foreseeing the generation of sanitary consumptions or heating by hot water beyond those foreseen for experimental use and measurement in the equipment.

Study program

 - Introduction to solar thermal energy
 - Types of solar installations
 - Capture systems
 - Hydraulic system
 - Auxiliary system
 - Control system
 - Devices for the use of solar thermal energy



Solar Energy Trainer with Thermal Collectors.

The didactic trainer comprises the following elements:

-  Solar collector mounted on a structure with inclination regulation
-  Accumulator tank with internal serpentine
- 2 recirculating pumps
- Glass of expansion.
- Power supply and electrical safety module with teacher key
- Programmable electronic control unit with monitoring and control probes
- Various regulation, safety and control valves
- 4 Thermomanometers, instruments to measure pressure and temperature variables
- Hoses for connection and circulation of the fluid through the solar collector.

Electrical characteristics:

Single phase 220 VAC, 50 Hz power supply and grounding.
It has a coded lock for access to the teacher.
Emergency switch
Protective earth leakage switch

Documentation included in the equipment:

Equipment functions and operation manual
Theoretical contents manual
Guide to Practical Works, to be done in class
Permanent Professional Advice

Equipment dimensions: Height 1.90 m. Length 1.30 m. Width 0.60 m.

Reinforced iron structure with high resistance baked epoxy paint. Movable with wheels and brakes.

Tank capacity: 120 liters.


Heat Pipe features:

- Tube diameter 5.5 cm. Length 1.80m
- The tube can resist temperatures up to 300 ° C and low temperatures down to -40 ° C
- Antifreeze treatment for the inside of the Heat Pipe
- It is assembled with silicone grease to distribute the contact surface and increase heat         transfer

Solar Collector features:

 - Number of tubes: 10
 - Dimensions: Height 2 m. Length 1.30 m. Width 0.16 m
 - Weight: 60 Kg
 - Working pressure: 6 Bar
 - Tilt range: 15 ° to 75 °

 Dimensions of the collector holder structure according to the inclination

With collector in position at 30 °
Length: 1.30 m x Width: 1.75 m x Height: 1.15 m

With collector in position at 45 °
Length: 1.30 m x Width: 1.45 m x Height: 1.50m

Important: It does not require additional supplies for its future operation.

Note: The theoretical and practical contents of this line of didactic equipment are for informational purposes and may be modified or updated without prior notice.



Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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