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The Pneumatics Training Station is a portable pneumatics training system. This system allows students to design, build, and troubleshoot basic and advanced pneumatic circuits in a safe environment. The trainer is composed of various pneumatic components, such as:

  • Pneumatic push buttons
  • Solenoid-controlled push buttons
  • Various regulators
  • Cylinders
  • Switches
  • Gauges

Students are able to design and build pneumatic circuits, which provides hands-on learning in addition to classroom instruction. Featuring an optional built-in programmable logic controller, the trainer enables students to build, troubleshoot, and maintain pneumatic systems that are monitored by computer systems.


Equipment Included

  • Tubing for pneumatic hose connections
  • Tubing cutter
  • Splitters and reducers
  • Plugs


Equipment Requirements

  • 110V single phase power


Equipment Not Included

  • Air compressor
  • Primary air hose between compressor and trainer


Courseware Pairing

The GP Strategies Pneumatics Trainer pairs with the following GP Strategies Craft Skills 

Maintenance Training courseware:

  • MM-125: Hydraulics and Pneumatics Fundamentals
  • MM-305: Pneumatics Applications


GP Item Number Item DescriptionUnit Quantity


MM-400-201 Regulator 1

MM-400-202 Manifold 1

MM-400-203 Tubing 1

MM-400-204 Flow Control Valve 4

MM-400-205 Pressure Sensing Valve 1

MM-400-206 One-Shot Valve 1

MM-400-207 Vacuum Pump 1

MM-400-208 Lubricator 1

MM-400-209 3/2 Way Valve Push Button 3

MM-400-210 5/2 Way Valve Push Button 1

MM-400-211 Air Pilot Valve 2

MM-400-212 Air Pilot Valve 1

MM-400-213 Air Pilot Valve 2

MM-400-214 Solenoid Valve 2

MM-400-215 5/2 Way Valve Single Solenoid 1

MM-400-216 Quick Exhaust Valve 1

MM-400-217 Mechanical Valve 4

MM-400-218 Shuttle Valve 1

MM-400-219 Filter/Regulator 1

MM-400-220 Air Volume 1

MM-400-221 Single acting cylinder 1

MM-400-222 Double acting cylinder 2

MM-400-223 Pressure gauge 3

MM-400-224 Vacuum gauge 1

MM-400-225 Male Elbows (pkg. 5) 16

MM-400-226 Male Straight Connectors - Hex (pkg. 5) 2

MM-400-227 Male Y Connectors (pkg. 5) 1

MM-400-228 5/32” Union Y Connectors (pkg.5) 2

MM-400-229 1/4” Union Y Connectors (pkg.5) 2

MM-400-230 5/32” Plug (pkg.5) 2

MM-400-231 1/4” Plug (pkg.5) 2

MM-400-232 1/4”-5/32” Union Reducer (pkg.5) 4

MM-400-233 5/32” Male Elbow, 1/8 NPT, 1/2” Hex (pkg.5) 8

MM-400-234 1/4” Male Elbow, 1/8 NPT, 1/2” Hex (pkg.5) 10

MM-400-235 5/32” Male Straight Connector, 1/8 NPT, 7/16” Hex (pkg.5) 2

MM-400-236 1/4” Male Straight Connector, 1/8 NPT, 1/2” Hex (pkg.5) 1

MM-400-237 1/4” Male Y Connector, 1/8 NPT, 1/2” Hex (pkg.5) 1

MM-400-238 20 Gal Air Compressor 1

MM-400-239 Multipurpose Air Hose, 3/8”, 300 psi, 25 ft 1

MM-400-240 3/8”-18 Steel Hydraulic Coupler Body 1

MM-400-241 3/8”-18 Steel Hydraulic Coupler Nipple 1

MM-400-242 3/8” and 1/4” Drive Socket Set with Ratchets (123-Piece) 1

MM-400-243 Tubing Cutter, PVC, Nylon, Polyethylene 1

MM-400-244 Multistacking Banana Plug Patch Cord, 24”, Red 10

MM-400-245 Multistacking Banana Plug Patch Cord, 24”, Black 10

MM-400-246 Hex Key Set, L Shaped 1

MM-400-247 Pocket Screwdriver Set 1

MM-400-248 Tubing, Nylon, 5/32” OD, 100 Ft, Clear 1

MM-400-249 Tubing, Nylon, 1/4” OD, 100 Ft, Clear 1

MM-400-250 X-Acto knife set 1

MM-400-251 Black Female Banana Plug (10 pack) 2

MM-400-252 Red Female Banana Plug (10 pack) 2

MM-400-253 Red Indicating Light 24

MM-400-254 4 Position Selector Switch 1

MM-400-255 Green Momentary Push Button 1

MM-400-256 Red Momentary Push Button 1

MM-400-257 2 Position Toggle Switch 2A250V/5A125V 6

MM-400-258 3 Position Toggle Switch Spring Return Middle 10A250V/15A/125V 2

MM-400-259 2 Position Toggle Switch 10A250V/15A125V 5

MM-400-260 Cutler B-Line Cutout Box 1

MM-400-261 Siemens 1 Phase Manual Motor Controller Switch 1

MM-400-262 120VAC to 24VDC Power Supply 1

MM-400-263 6 Connection Terminal Board 1

MM-400-264 1/2” Electrical male compression fitting 2

MM-400-265 12 pole terminal barrier 4

MM-400-266 NEMA 110V AC Male Plug 1

MM-400-267 SO3-10AWG Cable PER FOOT 25

MM-400-268 Red wiring 500ft spool 1

MM-400-269 Black wiring 500 ft spool 1


MM-400-271 2 Position Toggle Switch 10A250V/15A125V Momentary 1


MM-400-272 Limit Sensor 6

Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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