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Smart Grid Wind Energy Hydropower

De Lorenzo has designed a modular trainer that studies the power flow and interaction between the electricity supplier’s networks (generation, transmission, and distribution systems) and the consumers (residential and/or commercial customers).

Industrial grade equipment has been integrated into a controlled environment, providing a flexible and reconfigurable learning platform to study electrical power engineering applications. The core of the laboratory is a simplified scaled-down model of a power distribution system. Several power sources from different renewable energies are connected to the system on different points simulating a distributed power generation system. The energy can be added from the production side (high and mid voltage) or from the end-user side (microgrid).

The system includes 3 different energy generation subsystems:

  • A variable pitch wind plant.
  • A hydroelectric plant with pumped storage.
  • Micro-grid energy sources using a solar photovoltaic system with battery storage and an optional micro-wind system generating energy from the low voltage side of the grid.

A double busbar system and circuit breakers allow the isolation of sections of the system or the insertion of the available renewable energy sources to create a bidirectional power flow in the distribution network.

A set of active measurement devices are strategically placed to monitor the power flow in the system in real time and provide protection. The operation of the laboratory is done through the SCADA software.

An industrial feeder manager relay can be configured to study the protection techniques at different points of the system.


DL 2108T26: Brushless Controller With Motor: 2

DL 2108T26BR: Braking resistance: 1

DL 1021/4: Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor: 1

DL 1013A: Base: 2

DL 1026P4: Three-Phase Synchronous Machine: 1

DL 1017R: Resistive Load: 1

DL 1017L: Inductive Load: 1

DL 1017C: Capacitive Load: 1

DL 2108TAL‐CP: Three Phase Supply Unit: 1

DL 1068: AC Machine excitation and droop V-Q controller: 1

DL 7901TT: Overhead Line Model – 360 Km: 2

DL 7901TTS: Overhead Line Model – 110 Km: 1

DL 2109T29: Three‐Phase Power Meter: 5

DL 2108T25: Generator Synchronizing Relay: 1

DL 2108T23: Feeder Manager Relay: 1

DL 2108T02: Power Circuit Breaker: 3

DL 2108T02A: Power Circuit Breaker: 1

DL 2108T02/2: Double busbar: 3

DL 2108T19: Reactive Power Controller: 1

DL 2108T20: Switchable Capacitor Battery: 1

DL 2108T20C: Rephasing capacitor module for induction machine: 1

DL 4236: Load manager: 1

DL HMI: Human machine interface: 1

DL 2109T34: Three-phase active and reactive energy meter: 1

DL 9013G: Inverter Grid: 1

DL 9013G1C: Sigle phase inverter charger: 1

BAT100AGM: 12V - 100Ah Battery: 1

PFS-85: Photovoltaic Solar Panel: 1

DL SIMSUN: Lamps For The Photovoltaic Solar Panel: 1

DL 9021: Measurement module for photovoltaic panels: 1

DL 9018H-A: DC Active load: 1

DL 2101T13-DC: Transformer with rectifier: 1

DL PVP-SIM: Photovoltaic panel simulator: 1

DL HUBRS485F: Modbus Communication Hub: 1

DL SCADA3+: Software Scada: 1

DL 1080TT: Three‐Phase Transformer: 3

DL 1155SGWD: Kit Of Connecting Leads: 1

DL T12090: 120x90 Working Bench: 3

DL T06090: 60x90 Working Bench: 3

DL A120-3M-LED: Frame: 3

DL PCGRID: All-In-One Personal Computer: 1

DL 2100TTI: Three-Phase Transformer: 1

DL 1196: Holder For Leads: 1



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