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With a unit weight of only 4 kg and an integrated controller, as well as comprehensive safety features, the collaborative robot COBOTTA is perfect for educational areas, easy to transport and can be quickly put to work; thanks to its graphically designed App „Cobette World“, the robot is truly easy to operate.

It makes it easy to program typical applications e.g. pick & place tasks by using a tablet. The collaborative robot COBOTTA has been developed as an open platform to fulfil the range of different level of education: from 1st time user to robot programming expert and for R&D purpose. 

Benefits in education area: 

- Comprehensive Software Packages included: App COBOTTA World, App remote TP, Vision software, PC based offline robot programming & 3D Simulation 

- Portable for variety locations within educational areas

- No additional safety equipment required (depending on the application and risk analysis)

- High level programming language adaptation possible 


Arm length: 342.5 mm (TCP 385 mm)

Payload: 0.5 kg (*0.7 kg wrist direction downward within ± 10 degrees)

Position repeatability: ± 0.05 mm

Total arm weight incl. built-in controller: 4 kg

Tablet/App based  intuitive online direct teaching

PC based offline/online robot programming and 3D Simulation Software

High level programming languages e.g. Python, C++, Java, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, et

Open platform: ROS connectivity (PC or built-in)

Internal cabling PoE to upper arm

LAN connection Ethernet TCP/IP

E-Stop incl. cable and connector

Power cable (5m)

- Built-in electrical gripper (force controlled)
- Built-in vacuum gripper with integrated electrical vacuum generator
- Built-in A/F 2D camera incl. vision software
- Field Network Module (ProfiNET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP)
- Mini I/O cable (8m) incl. safety I/O
- Baseplate (to place on table without add. mounting)



Voltage availability
220-240V, 100-127V
Production lead time
30 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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