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Industrial Robotics Mechatronics

Hytech Didactic - Robocell is a complete cell for training on pick and place robot. Equipped with Fanuc robot, Robocell is designed to provide hands on experience all real time applications of handling robot.

The basic concept of this Robocell is to provide training on not only robo operation but also on the interface of robot with peripheral automation components.

Participants are expected to operate the robot in individual mode as well as in AUTO mode in collaboration with other automation components such as three jaw chuck, machine vice, press assembly and vision sensor.

The Robocell is provided with castor wheels with mounting arrangement. All four sides of the cell are enclosed with acrylic doors and windows for maximum visibility to participants. Three story tower lamp with buzzer mounted on the top indicates the present status of the Robocell.

Basic instructions for robot operations are clearly mentioned on the Robocell. The cell is provided with Teach pendant for robot programming and an operational remote for robot operation in AUTO mode.

Teach Pendant is provided for teaching of the robot. Operational remote is provided for robot operation in Auto mode. Accessories such as AUTO mode indicator, three story lamp with buzzer, FRL for pneumatic air supply, Mains ON Indicator, Battery alarm indicator are also provided on Robocell.


The robotic cell is also equipped with a 2D or 3D vision sensor integrated with robot controller. The robot is mounted on a heavy-duty pedestal providing necessary rigidity for operation.

Experiment table 1 is a Pick and Place Table which can be used for basic robot teaching exercises along with palletizing operations.

Experiment table 2 is an assembly table which is equipped with pneumatic press application along with slide cylinders. Participants can carry out the assembly application of bearing and shaft in complete automation directly from robot programming through teach pendant.

Experiment table 3 is a machine tending table equipped with pneumatic chuck and pneumatic vice.

Experiment table 4 is a vision sensing table with necessary lighting arrangements. The robot is equipped with two grippers. First gripper can lift square plates of 65mm, cylindrical jobs of 25mm and 40mm diameter. Second gripper is a vacuum gripper which can lift miscellaneous shapes.



  1. 6 Axes industrial robot teaching and programming
  2. Auto mode operation of industrial robot
  3. Robot operation in synchronization with 2D or 3D vision sensor
  4. Robot operation in synchronization with external machine loading devices such as pneumatic vice and pneumatic chuck
  5. Robot operation in synchronization with external automation application such as bearing assembly
  6. Robot applications such as assembly, vision inspection, palletizing, etc.


Requirements from Institute:


  • Total Area Required: 5 meter x 5 meter
  • Electrical Supply Required: Single Phase Supply, 220V
  • Separate Earthing Connection Required: No
  • Expected Electrical Load (Maximum): 5 KW

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