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Industrial Robotics

Automated system for packing of jars / bottles in carton boxes / trays


Description of the system:

The Cartesian robot system XYZ is an automated system for placing jars / bottles in trays or for placing parts on boxes / pallets. It incorporates a system of 3 Cartesian axes XYZ very often used in industrial packaging and assembly operations. The functions and constituents are derived from real industrial components used in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry (jars / bottles) or the assembly industry (boxes / pallets).


This ErmaSmart Cartesian robot packaging system (ref XY10) designed in the spirit of the industry of the future (Industry 4.0) meets the main requirements on intelligence and development of production methods:

Flexibility & Personalization with the possibility of packaging personalized objects to the customer's order

IoT & Communications with the writing of RFID Tags for the identification and traceability of packages from the customer order.

This automated system can be used independently with jars / bottles or boxes / pallets, but also be integrated into the flexible production line ErmaSmart.


The main functions of the Cartesian Robot XYZ are:

  • Convey the manufactured objects (jars / bottles or bases of reducers) from the entrance to the packaging station
  • In "Packaging" configuration: Place the trays under the packaging station - Condition the jars / bottles in the trays to form a package
  • In "Assembly" configuration: Place the boxes / pallets under the packaging station - Place the gearbox bases in the boxes / pallets
  • Evacuate trays or boxes / pallets
  • Enter the information on the RFID Tags of trays and boxes / pallets for traceability
  • This training system is mainly intended for driving activities, systems management, industrial maintenance, electrical engineering, automation and mechanics.



This product is accompanied by a technical and educational file in digital format.

3-axis Cartesian robot with stepper motors (brushless option upon request)

S7-1200 PLC & KTP700 touchscreen (Siemens)

IO-Link Master & Smart sensors

Pneumatic cylinders and vacuum cups

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120 days
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E-Learning modules

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