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PH - Advanced

PH Advance is a floor mounted model of Hytech PLC and HMI training Kit.
This model is equipped with a workstation with necessary licensed software. The kit is designed in a way such that 3 students can work on the kit at a time.
Although, Bill of material of any particular training kit changes as per the models of PLC and HMI as per customer’s requirement along with automation modules, following items / components are provided along with each PH Advance model:

Field Input Module
Field Output Module
PLC Input Module
PLC Output Module
5 / 8 port switch
LED Monitor mounting stand
500 x 500 mm holding stand for keyboard and mouse
Workstation with optimum specifications and with a mounting stand
21 inch LED Monitor
Following Automation modules are supplied along with the PH Advance model irrespective of the make and model of PLC / HMI. These automation modules are ergonomically mounted to make sure that participants can carry out the programming / execution easily.
Sensor Module
Switchgear Module
Pneumatic Solenoid Module with Pneumatic Cylinders
Customers can select from following mentioned automation modules which can either be mounted on the kit or can be provided individually which can be integrated with the kit:
Servo Motor Module
Stepper Motor Module
AC Motor and Encoder Module
Pneumatic Pressure Switch Application (Analog Control)
AC Motor Speed Control through VFD and PLC using HMI
Following Miscellaneous components are also included along with the kit to make operation efficient:

Profinet Cable (Cat 6) minimum 1 meter, Qty: 02
Hand Slide (3/2) Pneumatic Valve for quick exhaust
Pneumatic Junction box (Minimum 4 ports)
Key Features of Hytech PLC and HMI Training Kit (PH Advance Model):

Indigenously designed PLC Input and output modules with a short circuit protection which completely isolates PLC and provides necessary freedom to participants to carry out PLC connections with ease.
Floor mounted kit with 4 castor wheels with brakes for easy movability
MDF structure reinforced with mild steel to provide necessary rigidity to structure.
Ergonomically mounted workstation for ease of operation.
Provision of Ethernet switch which enables other workstations to be connected to PLC-HMI kit with ease.
Indigenously designed Field Input and output modules which makes it easier for participants to connect the automation modules as well as to carry out ladder programming.
Ergonomically designed kit which makes it easier for three students to work at a time.
Use of all industrial components gives participants hands n experience on industrial automation as well as PLC – HMI integration
Electrical wiring is done with necessary test points to provide basic understanding to participants about electrical panel maintenance as well as troubleshooting.


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