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SHCO 4.0

The SHCO 4.0 bench has the same functionality as the SHCO-V2, with a difference that we have replaced the remote control by a new generation touch screen PLC.

Digital control of the bench

Control hydraulic functions of the bench through touch screen: bench start-up and commissioning, motors and cylinders control, command signal input for hydraulic proportional valves… Data visualization (flow, temperature, pressure, speed, oil level…).

Remote Access

Pilot the bench from anywhere at any time with a Smartphone, a tablet or a PC…

Perform remotely configurations through webserver , even on the other side of the world: breakdown simulation, analysis & maintenance

Pdf & videos Viewer

Lectures of the manuals, technical datasheets, exercise workbooks, demonstration videos associated to the benches.

Import & export , record measurement data

Curves, diagrams, values (flow, temperature, pressure, speed)…

Details of the SHCO 4.0 hydraulic didactic bench

  • HMI 15.6″ touch screen,
  • Interfaces with Audio output, SD Micro card, USB 2.0 ports,
  • Remote Control – Remote Access,
  • Import & Export, data recording,
  • .pdf & video Viewer.

13 PRACTICAL WORK “ Exercises & Corrections“ paper and digital :

  • PW1 = Pressure relief valve
  • PW2 = Flow limiter at intake
  • PW3 = Flow limiter at exhaust
  • PW4 = Flow regulation
  • PW5 = Secondary pressure limiter
  • PW6 = Pressure reducing limiter
  • PW7 = Controlled check valve
  • PW8 = Constant pressure regulation
  • PW10 = Fixed displacement pump
  • PW11 = Variable displacement pump + PVG32
  • PW12 = Fixed displacement pump + KVM10
  • PW13 = Accumulator

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