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The SHCO bench is a bench completely different from traditional panel benches. We designed this didcatic system in order to propose mixed equipment and thus provide training in both industrial and mobile hydraulics due to the components selected to produce this bench.

The SHCO didactic bench takes the form of a hydraulic power station, i.e. a real item of equipment such as is found in industry or in mobile machine manufacturing firms, rather than a hydraulic simulator or mock-up.

With this equipment, we place emphasis on:

Reflection on hydraulic diagrams Assembling and disassembling by the student of Cetop 3 industrial components, Identification of the hydraulic kinematic chain thanks to the physical arrangement of components on the plate.

Open circuit bench, On-Off or Porportional control or mixed control of these two technologies.

CETOP 3 function block for On/Off controls

Hydraulic component warehouse.

Axial piston pump with constant pressure regulation system and load sensing,

PVG 32 valve for proportional control of receivers (as per version),

3-axis proportional manipulator for PVG 32 control (as per version),

Electrical connections by Harting connectors,

Special block with adjustable pressure limiter,

Double acting cylinders,

Single acting cylinder,

Hydraulic motors,

Hydraulic connections with secured hoses and anti-pollution couplers.

13 PRACTICAL WORK “ Exercises & Corrections“ paper and digital :

  • PW1 = Pressure relief valve
  • PW2 = Flow limiter at intake
  • PW3 = Flow limiter at exhaust
  • PW4 = Flow regulation
  • PW5 = Secondary pressure limiter
  • PW6 = Pressure reducing limiter
  • PW7 = Controlled check valve
  • PW8 = Constant pressure regulation
  • PW10 = Fixed displacement pump
  • PW11 = Variable displacement pump + PVG32
  • PW12 = Fixed displacement pump + KVM10
  • PW13 = Accumulator

1 USB Key with 10 video tutorials explaining the 10 first practical works of the ID SYSTEM SHCO bench by a professional trainers ( hydraulic engineer)

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