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Place the students into transmission situation like a real agricultural machine The hydrostatic transmission bench BHT3 is intended for trainings in mobile hydraulics.

It offers the possibility to understand the basic principles of a closed circuit. It is equipped with a POCLAIN pump with its configured calculator by computer.

All the receivers (motors and cylinders) are coupled to opposing loads or actuators to simulate a resistance force as real mobile machinery.

A data logger kit with flow, pressure and temperature sensors allows taking measurements at different points in the circuit.

The BHT3 didactic bench can be coupled with the SHDH operative part, thus allowing your students to complete their training in the fundamental principles of hydrostatic transmission.

Description of functions and manipulations

The BHT3 bench is designed to help understand the fundamental principles of the closed circuit (Hydrostatic):

  • The hydraulic unit is started up by an ON/OFF button on the front face of the panel.
  • Machine forward and reverse movements are simulated by rotating in one direction or the other of the hydraulic motors as well as modulating wheel rotation speed.
  • Rotation speed and direction are controlled by a proportional solenoid valve control joystick.
  • The effects of inertial mass on the hydraulic circuit are ensured by a 40kg weight coupled directly to the shaft of a receiving motor.
  • The exchange valve equipped with pressure limiter, performing the shock-absorbing valve function, limits the pressure peak on clean stopping of rotation, and discharges the excess to the other channel to ensure boosting.
  • The effects of a variable load on the hydraulic circuit are ensured by the antagonistic motor connected to a braking unit comprising a 7/100b pressure limiter on each channel (100b on the antagonistic motor side = 150b approx. on the receiver side with the displacement ratio), by a bypass 2/2 valve with possibility of disengaging the receiver from its antagonistic motor by means of a lever.
  • Circuit flow rate and pressure are read by a flow-meter on line A and by pressure taps mounted at various points on the hydraulic circuit.
  • Pressures, flow rates, temperatures and rotation speeds are displayed and can be recorded using the MC4000 control box.

Details of the BHT3 hydraulic didactic bench – Hydrostatic transmission :

  • 5.5 kW 3Ph electric motor coupled to a 18 cm3 hydrostatic pump + 7 cm3 booster pump,
  • Hydraulic motor with 40 Kg inertial load,
  • Disengaging system for uncoupling antagonistic motors,
  • Circuit cooling by a 2-pass cooling tower,
  • Control joystick,
  • Flowrate, pressure, temperature and data acquisition measurements.

Description of the "PHASES" software

Created by POCLAIN, the “PHASES” programming software allows us to send the programming file to the pump.

In particular, PHASES is designed to:

  • update the software embedded in the computer,
  • adjust and manage the computer operating parameters,
  • calibrate the sensors connected to the computer and check operation,
  • diagnose any hydrostatic transmission malfunctions by displaying the history of the logic errors memorised by the computer.

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