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Mobile teaching station is intended for conducting laboratory classes in the field of mechanics of machines and hydraulic drives. The position is intended for the simultaneous work of 8-10 participants. It allows you to learn the basic principles of power hydraulics, fluid mechanics and automation.

It can be used both to conduct professional exams in exact sciences and to train employees and maintenance staff in production plants. The stand has a mobile structure that allows it to be transported to various places and a modular structure that allows for building various schemes of hydraulic connections.

The components used on it are installed on the mounting wall and can be moved to different places. The width of the stand allows it to drive through standard door openings. The station can be powered with single-phase voltage 230 V from the standard electrical network.

The equipment includes technical documentation and a set of exemplary laboratory classes that allow testing the characteristics of pressures, forces, speeds and flows of the tested hydraulic receivers. A set of electric relays, switches and limit relays allows you to build industrial automation systems and explore technical knowledge.

The components of well-known and reputable manufacturers are used to build the stands, guaranteeing long-lasting and trouble-free operation.



The basic parameters of the station:

- Mobile assembly table with a double-sided work area, equipped with a container with drawers, a panel for mounting electrical relays, a holder for hanging diagrams and a hanger for hydraulic hoses
- Hydraulic power pack equipped with a pump with reduced noise level and flow 8 l/min, electric motor 230V, 50 Hz, power 1.1 kW, pressure limiting valve and solenoid valve for quick pressure release from the system
- Electric control panel controlling the operation of the power supply with overload protection.
- Power supply DC panel
- Panel with set of electric relays
- Panel with electrical switches
- 2 x manifold branching the pressure and return line with a built-in manual relief valve
- 1 x single acting cylinder with return spring
- 2 x double-acting cylinder
- 4 x electric limit switch
- 1 x orbital motor
- 2 x pressure gauge with hoses and measuring connectors
- 2 x electric 4/3 directional valve
- 2 x manual 4/3 directional valve
- 1 x electric 4/2 directional valve
- 1 x manual 4/2 directional valve
- 2 x throttle check valve, sandwich version
- 2 x relief valve, sandwich version
- 2 x reducing valve, sandwich version
- 2 x throttle-check valve, in-line version
- 1 x check valve, in-line version
- 2 x check valve, in-line version
- 1 x flow divider, in-line version
- 12 x hydraulic hose with quick couplings
- 40 x electrical cable with 4 mm connectors
- A set of exemplary laboratory exercises

At the client's request, we can change the configuration of the station adapting to specific requirements.


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