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Solar PV

The Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Application, “AEL-SAPV”, has been designed by EDIBON to study the energy production by photovoltaic panels.

This application will provide the user with the knowledge and the essential skills about the photovoltaic panel operation and the components that take part in the production of electrical energy from solar energy. For this purpose, the unit includes a specific manual explaining, at theoretical level, the relative aspects to the components of this system such as the charge controller and the current inverter.


Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Application
The theme covers from the placement and orientation of the solar panels to produce the maximum electrical energy to the obtaining the characteristic curve of the solar panel. Furthermore, a set of included and optional modules are provided in order to put into practice all the theoretical concepts previously studied in the manual, as the feeding of DC and AC loads from solar energy. 

• N-ALI01. Industrial Main Power Supply.
Supply voltage: 400 VAC, 3PH+N+G.
ON-OFF removable key.
Output voltage connections:
Three-Phase + Neutral: 400 VAC.
Single-Phase: 230 VAC.
Three-Phase supply hose with IP44 3PN+E 32A 400 V connecting plug.
Differential magnetothermal, 4 poles, 25 A, 300 mA AC 6 KA.
Emergency stop push button.
GND terminal.
• LP3. 3 Lamps Panel.
Power: 3 x 250 W.
Switch ON/OFF.
Intensity Regulator.
Aluminium frame.
• FVP96. 96W Photovoltaic Panel.
Maximum Power: 96 W.
Voltage at maximum power: 17,8 V.
Current at maximum power: 3,7 A.
Short-Circuit Current: 4,05 A.
Opened-Circuit Voltage: 22,25 V.
• N-SWIN. Sine Wave Inverter.
Nominal power: 375 VA.
Input voltage: 12 VDC.
Output voltage range: 210-245 VAC.
• N-BER. Battery Electronic Regulator.
Possibility of connection to 12 or 24 VDC.
LEDs to indicate the state of charge of the battery.
Protection against:
Reversal connection of solar panels or batteries.
• BAT2. 70 Ah Battery.
Battery voltage: 12 V.
Battery capacity: 70 Ah.
• N-LAM16.
Halogen Lamp Module.
Nominal voltage: 230 VAC (PH+N).
Halogen lamp.

Power: 60 W.
• N-ES20. 12 VDC Load Module.
Supply voltage: 12 VDC.
Two Lamps.
Two switches.
• N-REV. Single Phase Variable Resistor.
Variable resistor of 150 Ohm.
Maximum power: 500 W.
Three terminals to choose all resistance or variable resistance.
Fuse: 2 A.
• N-MED84. Photovoltaic Parameters Meter.
Photovoltaic sensor with two output connections:
Electrical measurements of voltage or current.
Measurements of solar irradiation or temperature.
Module of 4 digital display in which show the main electrical parameters in photovoltaic solar energy generation:
Voltage, current or power of generated photovoltaic energy.
Voltage, current or power of the battery or the DC load consumption.
Voltage, current or power of AC generated electric energy.
Solar irradiation (W/m²) or photovoltaic panel temperature (°C).
• N-EALD. Network Analyzer Unit with Data Acquisition.
The network analyzer module allows fulfilling measurements, displaying and analyzing all the parameters of the AC electrical networks. It has an LCD screen and push-buttons for the navigation through the different menus. It includes specific software for monitoring current and voltage curves, harmonics display, tariffs programming, alarms programming and electrical parameters storage.
Multifunctional three-phase power meter:
Single and three-phase voltage. Up to 690 VAC L-L.
Phase and line current. Current range up to 200%. Measurement from 0-10 A.
Active, reactive and apparent power.
Suitable frequencies: 25 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz y 400 Hz.
Display of the V-I vector diagram.
Supply voltage: 85-265 VAC.
Energy quality control:
Current and voltage individual harmonics measurement. Up to the 40th harmonic.
THD voltage and current, TDD and K-factor.
Maximums and minimums display.
Waveforms display, 128 samples/sec.
Events and data storage.
Harmonics analyzer:
THD voltage and current, TDD current and K-factor, up to the 40th harmonic.
Current and voltage harmonic spectrum and angles.
Tariff programming:
Class 0.5S IEC 62053-22, active and reactive power in four quadrants.
Measurement of the total and per phase three-phase active, reactive and apparent powers.
Usage time, 4 energy/demand records of total tariffs.
8 tariffs, 4 seasons, 4 types of days.
Automatic daily report of energy consumption maximums and minimums.
Modbus TCP communication protocol with Ethernet interface.
• All necessary cables to realize the practical exercises are included.
Cables and accessories, for normal operation. Manuals: This unit is supplied with the following manuals: Required Services, Assembly and Installation, Starting-up, Safety, Maintenance & Practices Manuals.Optional

AEL-SAPV/ICAI. Interactive Computer Aided Instruction Software System:
This complete software package consists of an Instructor Software (EDIBON Classroom Manager - ECM-SOF) totally integrated with the Student Software (EDIBON Student Labsoft - ESL-SOF). Both are interconnected so that the teacher knows at any moment what is the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students.
- ECM-SOF. EDIBON Classroom Manager (Instructor Software).
ECM-SOF is the application that allows the Instructor to register students, manage and assign tasks for workgroups, create own content to carry out Practical Exercises, choose one of the evaluation methods to check the Student knowledge and monitor the progression related to the planned tasks for individual students, workgroups, units, etc... so the teacher can know in real time the level of understanding of any student in the classroom.
Innovative features:
• User Data Base Management.
• Administration and assignment of Workgroup, Task and Training sessions.
• Creation and Integration of Practical Exercises and Multimedia Resources.
• Custom Design of Evaluation Methods.
• Creation and assignment of Formulas & Equations.
• Equation System Solver Engine.
• Updatable Contents.
• Report generation, User Progression Monitoring and Statistics.

- ESL-SOF. EDIBON Student Labsoft (Student Software).
ESL-SOF is the application addressed to the Students that helps them to understand theoretical concepts by means of practical exercises and to prove their knowledge and progression by performing tests and calculations in addition to Multimedia Resources. Default planned tasks and an Open workgroup are provided by EDIBON to allow the students start working from the first session. Reports and statistics are available to know their progression at any time, as well as explanations for every exercise to reinforce the theoretically acquired  technical knowledge.
Innovative features:
• Student Log-In & Self-Registration.
• Existing Tasks checking & Monitoring.
• Default contents & scheduled tasks available to be used from the first session.
• Practical Exercises accomplishment by following the Manual provided by EDIBON.
• Evaluation Methods to prove your knowledge and progression.
• Test self-correction.
• Calculations computing and plotting.
• Equation System Solver Engine.
• User Monitoring Learning & Printable Reports.
• Multimedia-Supported auxiliary resources.



Voltage availability
220-240V, 100-127V
Production lead time
105 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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