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Industrial Robotics Mechatronics

Practical. Future-oriented. Digital.
HORST makes a lot of things easier, including in training. Our industrial robot is the perfect combination of production system and training application. It’s ideal for giving your company’s apprentices a hands-on demonstration of what’s important and not just in theory. Intuitive and hands-on where possible. Offline on the PC where necessary. Educate everything trainees need to know about automation.

This is how Industry 4.0 is done today: It starts during training. In schools, educational institutions, at companies. Everywhere.

  • Learning what Industry 4.0 means in practice and applying it at the company
  • IoT - open interfaces for the transfer of programs, control of external machines and for integration of safety-relevant components
  • Compact and flexible (Euro-pallet format)
  • Prepare for future - interactive, easy and affordable
  • Plug in and go


Bring your students or apprentices up to "state of the art" by teaching technical basics:

  • Digital interfaces (digital I/Os, bus systems, TCP/IP)
  • Security technologies and interfaces
  • Drive technology (stepper motors, encoders and gears)
  • Coordinate systems (Cartesian/polar/circular coordinates)
  • Reference systems (basic coordinates/tool coordinates)
  • Position information in three-dimensional space (Euler angles/quaternions)
  • Path control types (Joint/Linear)
  • Kinematic chains, degrees of freedom and singularities
  • Axis transformation
  • Process simulations and cycle time analyses
  • Textual programming as a derivation of graphic teaching

HORST is the most easy to use industrial robot for training and education applications on the market - but can also directly be used in industrial environments.



6-axis industrial robot HORST600 with enclosure

Completely closed, all-purpose protective enclosure with safety door

Further Equipment:

  • Electrical parallel-gripper with gripper jaws
  • Work surface with hole and labyrinth patterns for a variety of training applications
  • 20 steel balls for training applications
  • 8 Tutorials for trainees/students/apprentices with exercises and according solutions (digital delivery)
  • Script for 10 lessons à 45 minutes including all relevant information about the basics of robotics and a complete description for the use of the robot (digital delivery)
  • horstFX licenses for offline-programming (Windows PC)



Basic data (HORST600):

  • Number of axis: 6
  • Maximum payload: 3kg
  • Nominal payload: 2kg
  • Maximum range: 584mm
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.05mm
  • Protection classification: IP54
  • Sound level: >75dB
  • Weight: ~29kg (robot only)
  • Installation area: 382mm x 200mm (robot only)
  • Standard color: RAL 5021 (water blue)
  • Power supply: 230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 450W/600W
  • Ambient temperature: 5-40°C


Control and interfaces (horstCONTROL):

  • Dimensions (H x B x T): 313mm x 174mm x 446mm
  • I/O connections on switch cabinet: 16 digital inputs, 14 digital outputs
  • I/O connections on tool flange: 2 digital inputs and outputs
  • I/O power supply: 24V/3A at control, 24V/2A at tool flange
  • Communication: TCP/IP 100-Mbit/s Ethernet (Web-Interface via HTTP)
  • Safety-relevant interfaces: Emergency stop (input and output), Safety stop (input and output) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10218-1
  • Fieldbus: Modbus/TCP (optional: Profinet)
  • Wiring of HORST: Cable between robot and control: 3m
  • Wiring of the control unit: Cable between control unit and control: approx. 5m

Programming (horstFX):

  • horstFX user interface: simple graphic programming, advanced textual programming and intelligent features. Can be updated.
  • Control unit: 13.3-inch touchscreen with emergency stop, three-level enabling switch and two USB interfaces
  • Mount: Fixture for mounting the control unit on the wall, table or cell



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