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MAPS 4 - BOTTLING PLANT, Industry 4.0 IOT Ready Mechatronics Training System

Key Advantages of MTAB Mechatronics MAPS systems:  
The industry is looking for students who have skills and knowledge of integrated engineering technologies and problems solving skillsets. MTAB’s Adv Mfg & Automation training solutions are designed to deliver the same through our Industry 4.0 Smart Factory,  and Smart Mechatronics products. We have already delivered over 50+ systems globally to highly reputed educational institutions.  
The MTAB product portfolio is ready for Industry 4.0 integration and IIOT Training 
Our training solutions are developed with focus on delivering skills and transferrable knowledge that students can carry from their classroom/ labs to the industry 
Our hardware is accompanied with world-class online training courses (SKILLON365 optional) 
IOT Ready: Equipment is Internet of Things ready and can be interfaced with IoT platform. This is an option.  
Digital Twin: Digital twin is available for all mechatronics system as an option. 
Approach to the design, construction, training and future ready concepts aligned with European and American educational system 
Train on Automation in Circuit: Understand how automation works - from simple to complex circuits 
Train on Automation in Application: Understand how automation works in industries - from simple to complex applications, programming & control 
Train on Automation in Maintenance: Understand how to identify faults and troubleshoot in automation -variety of exercises to train in this area 
SKILLON365: Online courseware that gives the users flexibility of selecting courses from a variety of technologies and changeable each year.  (Optional)
MTAB modules are built for durability, robustness and performance, high quality and aesthetic finish 
Highly reliable components: Pneumatics from Festo, PLC from Siemens, Sensors for reputed international manufacturers, Mechanical components from reputed international industrial suppliers 
Serviceability: We support our product globally through our reselling partners and through "Going Digital with MTAB" platform, where you can connect with our service specialists through asynchronous communications or synchronous communication means 
This system is a complete practical demonstration bringing a miniature bottling plant to the Laboratory. 
Function of the system is as follows: 
Containers / Bottles are placed / dispensed on to the belt conveyor. 
Conveyor will sense the presence of bottles. If present, it will carry the bottles to the Linear Conveyor System. 
Linear Conveyor will transport each bottle to the 2 axis (pick & place) module. 
The gripper of the transfer unit will place the bottle on to the Rotary Indexing Table. 
The motorized rotary module will index the bottle through Volumetric filling modules, capping module. 
At the end, a rotary transfer module will transfer the filled & capped bottle / container to the weighing module. 
Once weighing is done, XY palletizing module will store it in the pallets. The weights can be used for sorting on the palletizer 
As an option, the system can be equipped with a colour sensor and a second filling unit & second capping unit for two different types of material filling [example Cola (black plastic pellets) & Orange (orange plastic pellets)]. The XY palletizer can be upgraded to servomotors. The modules can be configured for inspection & sorting also. 
All the modules are standard & sturdy can be used for different automation application. The system is supplied with complete PLC control module. Trainers can introduce real-life faults in the system and thus train the students in troubleshooting techniques 



Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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