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The Hydraulic Training Station is a portable hydraulics training system. This system allows students to design, build, and troubleshoot basic and advanced hydraulics circuits in a safe environment. The trainer is composed of various hydraulic components, such as:

  • Solenoid-controlled directional valve
  • Proportional-controlled directional valve
  • Various regulators
  • Cylinders
  • Limit switches
  • Gauges
  • Hydraulic motor

Students are able to design and build hydraulic circuits, which provides hands-on learning in addition to classroom instruction. Featuring an optional built-in programmable logic controller, the trainer enables students to build, troubleshoot, and maintain hydraulic systems that are controlled by automated systems.


Equipment Included

  • Hydraulic hoses with quick disconnects
  • Splitters
  • Hydraulic fluid reservoir
  • Hydraulic pump


Equipment Requirements

  • 110V single phase power


Optional Equipment

  • Programmable logic controller and controls


Courseware Pairing

The GP Strategies Hydraulics Trainer pairs with the following GP Strategies Craft Skills

Maintenance Training courseware:


  • MM-125: Hydraulics and Pneumatics Fundamentals
  • MM-300: Hydraulics Applications

GP Item Number            Item Description              Unit Quantity

MM-400-001 Manifold (Ninety degree) 3

MM-400-002 Manifold (Inline) 2

MM-400-003 Cartridge (3:1 pilot ratio, standard capacity counterbalance valve) 1

MM-400-004 Cartridge (Normally open, modulating element) 1

MM-400-005 Cartridge (Ventable, pilot operated, balanced piston relief valve) 1

MM-400-006 Cartridge (Fully adjustable needle valve with reverse flow check) 1

MM-400-007 Cartridge (Free flow nose to side check valve) 1

MM-400-008 Handknob with locknob control kit 2

MM-400-009 Cylinder 2

MM-400-010 Flowmeter 1

MM-400-011 Hydraulic Motor 1

MM-400-012 Directional Valve Solenoid Operated Float Center 1

MM-400-013 Parker Prop. Dir. Cart Valve 1

MM-400-014 Parker Proportional Relief Car 1

MM-400-015 Parker Coil 12VDC 1

MM-400-016 Parker Valve Body 1

MM-400-017 Subplate 1

MM-400-019 Manifold, Metal, NPT, 4-3/4 In. L 2

MM-400-021 Skid 1

MM-400-022 24” Hose 5

MM-400-023 36” Hose 7

MM-400-024 48” Hose 2

MM-400-025 3/8”-18 Steel Hydraulic Coupler Body (male) 50

MM-400-026 3/8”-18 Steel Hydraulic Coupler Body (female) 35

MM-400-027 Tee 8

MM-400-028 Elbow 43

MM-400-029 Adapter bushing 25

MM-400-030 Nipples 10

MM-400-031 Regulator 1

MM-400-032 Ported Manifold 3

MM-400-033 Gear 1

MM-400-034 5 Gallon Resevoir w/sightglass 1

MM-400-035 Pressure Gage (0-1500) 4

MM-400-036 Filter 1

MM-400-037 Pump 1

MM-400-038 Dynapar Magnetic Tacometer 1

MM-400-039 Black Female Banana Plug (10 pack) 1

MM-400-040 Red Female Banana Plug (10 pack) 1

MM-400-041 Red Indicating Light 18

MM-400-042 4 Position Selector Switch 1

MM-400-043 Green Momentary Push Button 1

MM-400-044 Red Momentary Push Button 1

MM-400-045 2 Position Toggle Switch 2A250V/5A125V 4

MM-400-046 3 Position Toggle Switch Spring Return Middle 10A250V/15A/125V 2

MM-400-047 2 Position Toggle Switch 10A250V/15A125V 3

MM-400-048 10K Rheostat 2

MM-400-049 DC Voltmeter 0-15 V 3

MM-400-050 Cutler B-Line Cutout Box 2

MM-400-051 Siemens 1 Phase Manual Motor Controller Switch 1

MM-400-052 Siemens Sirius 3 Phase Contactor 1

MM-400-053 Siemens Sirius 3 Phase Overload 1

MM-400-054 120VAC to 24VDC Power Supply 1

MM-400-055 Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Holder 1

MM-400-056 Littlefuse Time Delay Fuse 1

MM-400-057 6 Connection Terminal Board 1

MM-400-058 8 Connection Terminal Board 1

MM-400-059 Green N.O. Pushbutton 1

MM-400-060 Red N.C. Pushbutton 1

MM-400-061 Crouzet Millenium II PLC (Item Is Discontinued Replaced With Millenium 3) 1

MM-400-062 Aron REM S 1

MM-400-063 Aron REM D 1

MM-400-064 1/2” Electrical male compression fitting 7

MM-400-065 12 pole terminal barrier 4

MM-400-066 NEMA 110V AC Male Plug 1

MM-400-067 SO3-10AWG Cable Per Foot 25

MM-400-068 Red wiring 500ft spool 1

MM-400-069 Black wiring 500 ft spool 1


MM-400-070 Instrumentation Wire Per Foot 50

Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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