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Industrial Maintenance

The Pump/Mechanical Training Station provides hands-on training for mechanical skills using a functioning industry standard pump, motor, and coupling system. With the Training Station, students are able to receive practical experience with precision alignment of power trains, pump rebuild and repair, pump mechanical seals, and more.

The Training Station is configurable for many different alignment methods such as:
Direct Shaft Coupling
Belt Drive Coupling
Chain Drive Coupling

The Training Station also comes complete with a functioning water flow system to demonstrate fluid flow basics for pump operations.

This is a complete standalone training solution for power transmission and shaft alignment courses. The trainer comes standard with all of the tools, equipment, and drive components needed to perform precision alignments of power transmission systems.


Equipment Included

  • Wrenches
  • Drive sets
  • Screwdrivers
  • Bearings
  • Gears
  • Shims


Equipment Requirements

  • 110VAC power supply (for motor drive if desired)


Equipment Not Included

  • Laser alignment tools


Courseware Pairing


  • MM-110: Seals and Packing Fundamentals
  • MM-115: Bearing Fundamentals
  • MM-200: Centrifugal Pumps
  • MM-225: Belt Drives
  • MM-230: Chain Drives
  • MM-235: Gears
  • MM-245: Shaft and Coupling Alignment

GP Item Number               Item Description             Unit Quantity

MM-500-001 11 Drawer Tool Box 1

MM-500-002 Foundation Base Plate 1

MM-500-003 Fabricated Base Plate 1

MM-500-004 Westinghouse 1 ½ Horse Electric Motor 1

MM-500-005 Set of hand wrenches 1

MM-500-006 Set of crowfeet 1

MM-500-007 Torque Wrench 1

MM-500-008 12’ x 55” Foundation Plate 1

MM-500-009 Set of Allen Wrenches 1

MM-500-010 Soft Blow Hammer 1

MM-500-011 Assorted Fasteners 1

MM-500-012 Inspection Mirror 1

MM-500-013 Starrett Dial Indicator Set 2

MM-500-014 Starrett Magnetic Base 2

MM-500-015 Starrett Universal Clamp 2

MM-500-016 Machinist Scale 1

MM-500-017 Feeler Gage Set 1

MM-500-018 Starrett 12” Dial Caliper 1

MM-500-019 Screwdriver Set 1

MM-500-020 3/8” Drive Socket Set 1

MM-500-021 ½” Drive Socket Set 1

MM-500-022 Outside Diameter Caliper 1

MM-500-023 Spanner Wrench 1

MM-500-024 Bearing Shaft Mounting Brace 1

MM-202-001 7” Sheave 1

MM-202-002 QD Bushing 7/8” Bore 1

MM-202-003 4” Sheave 1

MM-202-004 QD Bushing 7/8” Bore 1

MM-202-005 Sheave Gage 1

MM-202-006 V Belt 1

MM-202-007 Belt Tension Gage 1

MM-204-001 6” Chain Sprocket #40 1

MM-204-002 3” Chain Sprocket #40 1

MM-204-003 Tapered Bushing 7/8” 1

MM-204-004 Tapered Bushing 7/8” 1

MM-204-005 Chain Puller 1

MM-204-006 Chain Breaker 1

MM-204-007 #40 Roller Chain 10’ Section 1

MM-205-001 Gear Box 1

MM-205-002 55 Tooth Spur Gear 1

MM-205-003 25 Tooth Spur Gear 1

MM-205-004 Helical Gear 1

MM-205-005 Helical Gear 1

MM-205-006 Bevel Gear 1

MM-205-007 Pinion Gear 1

MM-205-008 Worm Gear 1

MM-205-009 Double Threaded Worm 1

MM-207-001 Withdrawal Sleeve and Nut 1

MM-207-002 Stub Shaft 1

MM-207-003 Bearing 1

MM-207-004 Bearing 1

MM-301-001 Falk 1030 1 ¼” Bore 1

MM-301-002 Falk 1030 1” Bore 1

MM-301-003 Falk 1030T Cover and Grid 1

MM-301-004 Falk 1020T 7/8” Bore 1

MM-301-005 Falk 1020T Cover and Grid 1


MM-304-001 Centrifugal Pump 1

Voltage availability
100-127V, 220-240V
Production lead time
60 days
Teacher materials available
Student materials available
E-Learning modules

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