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Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A Fuel Cell – Battery Hybrid System that enables users to understand & research individual components and system behavior under various hybrid set-ups. Designed as a lab to support engineering courses focussed on the application of fuel cells, battery technology, hybrid systems, energy management and energy storage. Critical to today’s engineering students is a deep understanding of the application of electrical chemical energy conversion & storage. Especially as it relates to fast growing markets of stationary, portable and mobile hybrid power systems.

Ideal for courses focused on:

  • Battery Technology (Modeling)
  • Battery Systems & Control
  • Applied Fuel Cell Technology
  • Battery- Fuel Cell Hybrids
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage & Conversion
  • Renewable Energy Storage
  • Electrical & Hybrid Vehicles (HEV/FCEV)
  • Backup Power Systems
  • Micro-Grids & Smart Grids



The system provides an experimental platform for advanced training to applied research:

  • Fuel Cell – Battery Hybrids
  • Battery Charging/Discharging
  • Battery & Fuel Cell Model Analysis & Comparison
  • Calculation & Evaluation of Electrical Characteristics
  • Energy Management
  • User Developed Control Algorithms
  • Validation of Models Against a Real System
  • Hybrid Power System Set-ups: UPS, Autonomous Power Supply, Back-up Power System, HEV/FCEV



Extensive training material assists the teacher in creating a more interactive and specialized classroom experience. Prepared experiments and software-supported exercises simplify the use of the system.

Experimentation manual with:

  • Learning goals and content: Instructions for the execution of experiments & Topic-specific questions and sample answers
  • Evaluation templates
  • Detailed operating manual

Experiments including:

  • System design for special applications: Backup, Emergency power supply (UPS), Autonomous power supply,Boost, range extender
  • Examination of the operating behavior of: Battery module, Fuel cell module, DC converter
  • Determination of the efficiency and energy conversion
  • Examination of load step changes of up to 1.5 kW
  • Generation of characteristic curves



Our LabVIEW™ based software allows users to control the hardware, system operation & set-up, gather & display data in various formats and perform data fitting for research and experimentation. Users can validate their models against a real system by using their control algorithms to set system parameters and then run real-time simulations. Acquired data can be exported to external applications such as MATLAB™ & MS Excel and many more. See product pictures for software interface.


  • Battery Modeling & Data Fitting
  • Hybrid Energy Management
  • Application Programming Interface (API) 



Range Extender

  • Planning of system switching
  • Range calculation of the overall system

Autonomous Power Supply

  • System runs disconnected from the grid so it must be dimensioned to operate autonomously at all times
  • Starts from internal energy supply

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

  • The system design allows for the same configurations found in typical Fuel Cell Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FCEV)

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • In UPS mode, the system provides continuous power in case of grid failure to ensure continuous power
  • Automatic switching between battery & fuel cell operation



Control and Experimentation PC

  • System Overview
  • Real-Time Display & Data Measurements
  • Execution of experiments

System Overview Module

  • Display for system parameters and controlling

Electronic Load

  • Simulation of electrical loads
  • Operating modes: CC, CV, CP, CR
  • Manual or software-supported control

Battery System Module

  • Selection of the battery capacity
  • Connecting external batteries possible

Power Electronics Module

  • Configuration of the battery charging regulation
  • Preparation of regulated DC or AC voltage
  • Inverters with power through circuit
  • Sensor system

Fuel Cell Module

  • Well established Nexa 1200 W fuel cell
  • Unegulated DC Outpout
  • Hydrogen consumption measurement
  • Stack temperature monitoring

H2 Storage Module

  • Heliocentris Metal Hydride Canister
  • Storage temperature monitoring 

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Lisa Henderson

Well explained hybrid system

I teach a course in renewable energy systems for sophomore students (mechanical engineering) and for us this teaching system has been working great! Students love getting their hands on a real hydrogen fuel cell and battery hybrid system which is really explanatory. Heliocentris team is also a great team to work with!

Overall rating

Improve student hands-on preparedness 5
Educator teaching efficiency 4
Improve student technology literacy 5
Improve student subject knowledge 5
Heliocentris Academia replied

Thanks for kind words

Thank you Lisa, we also like working with you! Always feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or doubts. All the best, your Heliocentris team

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